OFFER Floating Tray / Table


Trona Floating tray-table is a small piece of furniture, designed for cocktail Parties inside water.thanks to its plexi-base, this Floating tray holds bottle, ice-bucket and glasses and it keeps them safe without risk. This unique product is ideal in any space: from your Pool to your Jacuzzi, from the ocean to your Yacht. Trona Floating tray-table maintains its quality along time and, thanks to its cover in patented eco-leather and its nautical- rope handles,  Trona Floating tray-table is a functional fitment inside and outside water.



Floating table / tray small details:
Width 40 cm
lenght 40 cm
height 11 cm
Middle-height 7 cm
> Fabric: Nautical Eco-friendly leather + Plexi Base
> color: White

Floating tray details:
Width 50 cm
lenght 50 cm height 14,5 cm
Middle-height 9 cm
> Fabric: Nautical Eco-Friendly leather + Plexi Base
> color: White


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